MFG Baden-Württemberg Receives Special Prize in Innovation in Training Competition

MFG Baden-Württemberg was awarded Special Prize for their four-step concept that integrates and aligns multiple training tools.

How can employee knowledge gaps be identified, bridged with appropriate training and the updated skills effectively applied in practice? MFG Baden-Württemberg set about meeting this challenge with a four-step concept that integrates and aligns multiple training tools. The “Toolbox for Successful Skills Training in the Workplace” was specially developed by the Public Innovation Agency for ICT and Media, which recently picked up the Special Prize in the 2011 Innovation in Training competition at the 11th Stuttgart Further Education and Training Fair.

More than ever before, professional and commercial success depends on the knowledge of individual employees. Ongoing training and lifelong learning have therefore become key priorities in the modern workplace. For the 300 staff development measures undertaken annually by its more than 50 employees, MFG Baden-Württemberg has developed a concept that is highly effective in integrating tried and tested training tools with knowledge transfer techniques.

Known as the MFG Toolbox for Successful Skills Training in the Workplace, it was chosen by an expert jury as an exceptionally “progressive, coherent and innovative further education and training concept” and awarded the Special Prize in the 2011 Innovation in Training competition. The award will be presented on Friday (20 May 2011) at the 11th Stuttgart Further Education and Training Fair by the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Trades for the Stuttgart Region and the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation.

The Toolbox is a central element in staff development activities at MFG Baden-Württemberg. It consists of a four-step skills-building process with measures specifically geared towards needs assessment for further education and training, selecting the provider, undertaking the training, and securing the transfer of knowledge. For each step, the training specialist can choose from up to five tools, including “self-reflection after attending training” as a knowledge transfer instrument. This ensures that not only does the employee gain the right skills and knowledge from any training undertaken, but that these are also transferred into their professional life and thus improve active skills.

The unique feature of the MFG training concept is the way it combines these tools logically and effectively into a complete, compact package. HR professionals benefit from a high level of plannability and confidence in successful outcomes, meaning costly mistakes are reduced or avoided altogether.

“MFG is a learning organisation. As such, we analyse our achievements and challenges on a regular basis and adapt the tools used in the staff development process to new situations. We began to establish a strategic staff development process several years ago, which is linked to our innovative knowledge management tools. This enables us to capture existing knowledge and ensures we are well prepared for the future,” said MFG CEO Klaus Haasis.

The Special Prize in the Innovation in Training competition is not the first award the organisation has received this year. In February, an expert jury awarded the “proWM 2010” prize to MFG Baden-Württemberg, naming it the German winner in the field of professional knowledge management.

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