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Create10: MFG Hosts European Future Conference for Digital Trends in the Creative Industries

Create10, the European Future Conference for Digital Trends in the Creative Industries, will be staged for the first time on November 10 and 11, 2010 in Stuttgart.

Create10, the European Future Conference for Digital Trends in the Creative Industries, will be staged for the first time on November 10 and 11, 2010 in Stuttgart. Together with partners from Stuttgart itself, the surrounding area and South-West Germany, MFG Baden-Württemberg will bring together digital pioneers from all over the country and indeed throughout Europe. Not only Create10 but also this year's German Multimedia Summit DMMK will make its debut at Römerkastell, Stuttgart. Trade visitors will have an opportunity to learn more about European research and future trends and at the same time gain an insight into actual applications realised in the digital industry.

The conference will be divided into three parts: the CReATE Forum, a users' forum and various interactive workshops in which outstanding trends in the digital creative industries will be presented and new ideas collaboratively developed.

Five Key Research Fields for the European Creative Industries

In the first part, the CReATE Forum, participants will receive an introduction to the five most promising research fields that will play a leading role the European creative industries in the next ten years, namely:

• Visual and Interactive Experience

• Tools of Productivity and Intelligent Automation

• Digital Distribution

• Mobility and Interoperability

• User-Producer-Interaction in Development

These key research fields for the European creative industries were identified by MFG Baden-Württemberg in the framework of CReATE, the large-scale EU research project undertaken with partners from Baden-Württemberg as well as France, the UK and Italy.

Potential Applications of Digital Technologies in Sales and Marketing

The event's second module will be a users' forum for industry representatives. Assisted by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, MFG will connect suppliers and users of multimedia solutions and creative services. Attendees from the automotive, engineering and hightech industries will discover techniques for optimising their sales and marketing activities with the help of digital technologies. In addition, empirical reports from the field will reveal which software tools are suitable for communicating with the target group and show how online platforms and social media tools can be used to integrate customers into the development and design process.

Mobile Internet and Computer Games for Industry

Create10 will also include a series of interactive workshops on selected current trends, such as Mobile Web, Games and Visual Experience. The most influential developments in each of these areas will be described, discussed and analysed in a dialogue between experts and end users. Researchers, developers and interested users will convene here on equal terms to work together and learn from one another. "This creative event will provide fantastic opportunities not only for Stuttgart but also for the entire region", says Dr. Walter Rogg, founding director of the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, and Dr. Klaus Vogt, Managing Director Stuttgart Economic Development Department, is in total agreement. "We firmly believe that enterprises in industry will profit just as much from the event's national and international dimension as the creative sector".

DMMK Generates Added Value

Not only Create10 but also DMMK, the German Multimedia Summit, will make its debut at the Römerkastell in Stuttgart. Meanwhile in its eighteenth year, Germany's oldest congress for multimedia and the digital economy is likewise hosted by MFG Baden-Württemberg together with the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. (German Association for the Digital Economy). "As the organiser of Create10 and DMMK, MFG makes an important contribution towards strengthening Stuttgart's international competitiveness as a creative centre", explains MFG CEO Klaus Haasis. "We place the region's many successful creative enterprises – both large and small – in thespotlight of national and international attention. We offer them a platform on which they can showcase themselves and develop new projects jointly with partners not just from Baden-Württemberg but from all over Europe.

Collaboration as a Model for Success

The Römerkastell (Roman Fort) in Stuttgart, the venue for the twin events, is an exciting creative centre that will provide Create10 visitors with an inspirational setting in which to engage in common learning. Designers, media professionals, programmers and multimedia specialists work here under one roof with artists, actors and musicians. In an area presently covering fifteen acres, the Römerkastell is home to some forty creative companies and institutions, including award winning agencies, a radio and television broadcasting station and the film studio in which SOKO Stuttgart, a popular TV crime series on German TV, is made.

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About the EU Project CReATE

Under the leadership of MFG Baden-Württemberg, economic development experts and cluster initiatives from Rhône-Alpes, Piedmont, the West Midlands and Baden-Württemberg joined forces in the framework of the EU CReATE project (Creating a joint research agenda for promoting ICT-based innovations in Creative Industries) with the aim of promoting the innovation potential of the creative industries. After analysing regional strengths and weaknesses, they identified trans-regional priorities for ICT research. A Global Synthesis Report was published in September 2009, followed in the spring of 2010 by a European Joint Research Agenda. Another project partner from Baden-Württemberg was Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum.

About MFG Baden-Württemberg

As the Public Innovation Agency for Information Technology and Media, MFG Baden-Württemberg strengthens Baden-Württemberg's position as an ICT, media and creative centre. It networks the creative and high-tech sectors and promotes cooperation between companies and research or educational institutions. It also offers encouragement to fledgling entrepreneurs and talented newcomers in the form of competitions and innovation programmes. Together with universities and business enterprises, it tests novel technologies and applications in its own labs. Established in 1995, MFG is meanwhile one of Europe's leading institutions for innovation management and technology transfer. More than fifty highly qualified staff at our location in Stuttgart’s city centre manage over 30 projects with a volume of approximately eleven million euros in the areas of innovation fostering, technology transfer, cluster and network management, talent development, business promotion, digital literacy and place marketing.

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